Tuesday, 30 April 2013

World's Smallest Stallion - Einstein

Einstein is the worlds smallest stallion. He is about to become three years but stands just 20 inches tall. Huge media thronged to have a glimpse of him when he was born in April 2010 at a farm in Barnstead, New Hampshire.

His mother, Finesse, stands a relatively tall 32 inches and his dad, Painted Feather, measures 30 inches. Einstein is incredible as he shows no signs of dwarfness but he simply is a small miniature horse. The record of being the smallest horse in the world, according to Guinness World Records, is held by Tamberlina (Thumbelina) of the U.S. state of Missouri. He has to wait until he is four years to be officially recognized. 

Einstein is becoming quite a celebrity with appearances on Oprah and across the U.S. Even if the human interest is high, he didn't have many friends of his own breed. Einstein spends time with his giant friend, a full sized stallion, Playboy, and his owner's dog, Lilly.

Playboy is owned by a lady who lives next to the farm where Einstein lives, and he meets him to have a head sniff and a simple hello. Einstein is not aware about his height at all and he plays with Lilly and Playboy like a fully grown stallion. But due to his small size he can't mingle with other horses because it maybe dangerous for him.

Einstein's owner Charlie said he loves children and of course children love him too. Einstein is cute and too small and has unusual life. He may not be able to compete in the Kentucky Derby, but he is surely as popular as the winner.

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