Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Udderly Delicious Butter Sculptures by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton

Artists always use their creative minds, think outside of the box and utilize common items in uncommon way to shape their imaginations. From matchsticks, small pins to huge rocks, we've seen our fair share of imaginative art using unconventional materials, but sculptor Jim Victor, along with his wife Marie Pelton, have become the masters in the artistic use of butter. The creative couple has been taking the creamy blocks out of the kitchen and into the studio for the past 11 years, producing some really wonderful butter sculptures.

The Conshohoken, Pennsylvania-based couple has created a number of impressive butter-based projects that has given them international acclaim for their wonderful craft. Rather than treating the unusual sculpting material as a component meant for cooking or meaningless hobbies, they take their art seriously, constructing three-dimensional structures that could have very well been carved out of marble. Each golden statue is meticulously sculpted, reflecting the smooth and coarse textures of real life.

In most every scene they include a cow. That could possibly be because the couple is paying homage.
Udderly Impressive ??

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