Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Girl Frozen For 500 years

Girl Frozen For 500 years
Girl who was killed as an offering to the
Inca gods sometime between 1450 and
1480, at approximately 11–15 years old.
best-preserved mummy ever found, with
internal organs intact, blood still present in
the heart and lungs, and skin and facial
features mostly unscathed. No special
effort had been made to preserve her and
500 years later still looked like sleeping children.

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  1. Replies
    1. Really? You want to know how she died.... Um.. Read it!

    2. She DIED from drug and alcohol overdose the day she died, but the Incas where giving her coca and alcohol made from fermented maize (and elite food) for a one year period before she was sacrificed, giving her more and more leading up to the day when she was sacrifice. She also had a lung infection the day she died.

  2. Amzing what we can still discover or dig up even in todays jaded society

  3. Still unacceptable that she died as an offering to a god. A waste of precious life.

  4. Looking at her give me chills..

  5. This is at National, that's where I first saw it.


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