Saturday, 25 May 2013

Apple concept iCar .

Creativity apple look synonymous to each other . In a techno freak world where the focus business organization limits with in financial benefits .
It wouldn't come with a shock if apple Inc one day decides to enter auto m0bile sector and produce a car that would shake up the Auto Industry .

Late Steve Jobs had dreamt of creating an iCar, a car which was much needed to change the sad state of car industry in America. But the iCar was just another great idea from the visionary and he had never designed it.

Its features :-

1) It would be an electric car .

2) It would carry touch screen pannel instead of the traditional steering wheel .

3) The car body would be covered with transparent materials .

4) The photochromic material used for exteriors transparent area of the car gives the option of customization go that owner can change the appearance of the car .

5) The roof of the car would be covered with pyramid shaped glass receptors that would change the car's electronic dashboard .

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