Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Underwater Concept Car designed by Swiss car manufacturer Rinspeed in March 11, 2008 .

Swiss company known for their innovative and out of the box designs has created a car that goes from land to sea in seconds. An all-electric car with one motor for land and two to propel it underwater, this beauty will put the sea in your grasp while riding in style. A salt-resistant interior, on-board breathing apparatus which acts much like scuba gear, open cockpit for safety and viewing pleasure, as well as a laser sensor system for driverless motoring, Rinspeed seems to have thought of it all! Take the SQuba for a spin and then a dip.
If you are as surprised as I was that this really exists and works underwater check out the gallery below you won't believe your Eyes.

You will of course notice one significant difference between the sQuba and Bond's fake Lotus Espirit - the sQuba has no roof. Don't therefore expect to be taking it underwater in your best tuxedo, you'll need your underwater gear but thankfully, the car does provide an integrated tank of compressed air, as used by scuba divers.

Rinderknecht states: "For safety reasons we have built the vehicle as an open car so that the occupants can get out quickly in an emergency.With an enclosed cabin opening the door might be impossible" .

Yeah I know, doesn't exactly fill you with confidence about driving underwater. Still, I love it. It's like a childhood toy car only, real! It isn't exactly practical, you'd have to drive around town in your scuba gear before going for a "dive" .

Either that or you'd have to drive to the coast and then get changed . Nonetheless, it's just so cool .

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