Tuesday, 21 May 2013

25 years old boy cheats death eight times

So many accidents and so much bad luck can
be reconciled in one: a young man eight times
diverges on the brink of death . Briton Matthew
Heyvksley is 25 years old who had been with a broken neck , received a multidrug resistant microbiological infection in hospital also inflammation of the lung and testicular cancer . His heart has stopped 4 times.

Series of “ almost ” deaths began in June 2011 .
Heyvksley goes with friends over the weekend
in Ireland. While the group was bathing in the
sea , the young man jumped from a wall in the
port . However, he did not notice that the
water depth at this location was about meter
and fell from about 3 -4 feet on sharp rocks .
The impact was so strong , that he crushed his
fifth cervical vertebra . His heart stopped , his
lungs filled with water.
Rescuers pulled him ashore and managed to
bring him back to consciousness and revive.

Heyvksley ’s life was in danger all the way to
the hospital , because his heart stopped three

At the hospital , his life hung in the balance as
he was infected with multidrug - resistant
microbes and received severe lung
inflammation .
After five weeks of coma he finally woke up. “ I
could see nothing but blurred shapes and I was
completely immobilized. The only way I could
communicate with the outside world was by
blinking with my eyes and showing my
tongue ” , quoted Daily Mail .
Doctors claimed that it would be impossible
for him to speak again and they predicted that
he would spend the rest of his life in a

However the athlete ( by hobby ) has fought to
his feet and after a few months started to walk
again. He was still at the Department of
Rehabilitation when then the next shock came testicular cancer .
After a surgery the tumor was removed and
finally cured.
“ I never gave up ”, he said.“You should never
give up. As a further challenge he wants to
participate in a triathlon. ”
Meanwhile he collects money for charity and
organizations that care for cancer patients and
paralyzed people . ”Because a half  empty glass
is not empty ” says 25- year- old Matthew Heyvksley .

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