Wednesday, 31 July 2013

World's First Laptop and its still Running ;)

World's First Laptop and its still Running:

Having 256KB (Kilo-bytes) of RAM and a 4.77 MHz Intel Processor made your computing dreams come to life and just like the Macbook Air of today it didn’t have a regular Hard Drive . Instead it supported floppy disks and weighed in at a whopping 4.1 Kilograms. Pricing was set at $1899 .

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Peanut turtle was trapped in a plastic ring

This is Peanut the turtle, shortly after being found in Missouri in 1993. She was taken to to a zoo in St. Louis where the six-pack ring was removed.
It seems that she was trapped in the plastic ring as a young turtle and was unable to free herself. Subsequently her shell moulded itself to the plastic ring and she grew in the strange shape you see here.
Unfortunately the damage is permanent, but peanut is expected to live a long life and today she serves as a mascot for the fight against beach littering.
Please, always remember to clean up after yourself at the beach.
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When she was in high school , Lizzie Velasquez was dubbed “ The World’s Ugliest Woman ” in an 8 second long YouTube video . Born with a medical condition so rare that just two other people in the world are thought to have it , Velasquez has no adipose tissue and cannot create muscle , store energy , or gain weight . She has zero percent body fat and weighs just 60 pounds.

In the comments on YouTube , viewers called her “ it ” and “ monster ” and encouraged her to kill herself. Instead , Velasquez set four goals : To become a motivational speaker , to publish a book , to graduate college, and to build a family and a career for herself .

Now 23 years old , she’s been a motivational speaker for seven years and has given more than 200 workshops on embracing uniqueness , dealing with bullies , and overcoming obstacles . She’s a senior majoring in Communications at Texas State University in San Marcos , where she lives with her best friend. Her first book, “Lizzie Beautiful,” came out in 2010 and her second, “Be Beautiful, Be You  , ” was published earlier this month .

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Some Incredible Photos Of Animals In The Womb ! Our recommendation , do not miss #2

No hands ! Still work daily to feed his FAMILY .
Only YOU have the capability to set limits to what you can do , what you can achieve . Never set limits for yourself .

The cheetah is a large feline inhabiting most of Africa and parts of the Middle East . It is the only extant member of the genus Acinony .

                                                             lemon shark

The lemon shark is a shark in the family Carcharhinidae . It can grow to 10 feet long. It is known as the lemon shark because of its unique yellow coloration .

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No hands ! Still work daily to feed his FAMILY .

No hands ! Still work daily to feed his FAMILY .
Only YOU have the capability to set limits to what you can do , what you can achieve . Never set limits for yourself .

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A simple and beautiful guest house made out from a recycled shipping container !

A simple and beautiful guest house made out from a recycled shipping container

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Park Keukenhof near Amsterdam !

Park Keukenhof near Amsterdam !
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Monday, 29 July 2013

World's Most Expensive Dog

Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog !

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The world's tallest man Mr Bao had once saved two dolphins by using his long arms .

The world's tallest man Mr Bao had once saved two dolphins by using his long arms to reach into their stomachs and pull out dangerous plastic shards .

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" I first suspected that this woman was a witch ( or a healer or a shaman they're everywhere in Siquijor ) , because of the storm clouds that followed her . I went down the bike to investigate , and when I asked to take her photo , she told me she had no money . And in not so good faith I assumed that she was asking me to give her some . As I showed her photograph, she smiled a smile wider than her face and told me again that she had no money. And then she told me that I had made her very happy with the photograph I took. And she asked me to please take the eggs that she had just bought , for it was all she could afford to pay me for the photograph .

I will never forget you , lola You remind me of the good things in this world.
( I mean witch in the best possible way , I find em wicked cool  ) "

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One of the best way to reuse the plastic cool drinks bottle. Share this with your friends .

One of the best way to reuse the plastic cool drinks bottle. Share this with your friends .

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Pinta Island tortoise is the rarest animal in the world .

The Pinta Island tortoise is the rarest animal in the world .

There is ONLY ONE LEFT on Earth. His name is " Lonesome George  " . Lonesome George is the last member of the Pinta Island subspecies of Galapagos tortoises. He was discovered in 1972 , and brought to the Charles Darwin research station on the island of Santa Cruz . He is roughly 90 to 100 years old .

7 Rules of life

1) Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present .
2) What other think of you is none of your buisness .
3) Time heals almost everything, give it time .
4) Don't compare your life to others and don't judge them . You have no idea what their journey is all about .
5) Stop thinking to much , it;s alright not to know the answer . They will come to know when you least expect you .
6) No one is in charge of your hapiness, except you.
7) Smile. You don't own all the problems in the world .

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Amazing Idea ! Must do it!

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This is Aqua Scorpion

THis is Aqua scorpion .
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A story of a genius girl

An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an Airplane and he turned to her and said , " Do you want to talk ? Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger ."

The little girl , who had just started to read her book , replied to the total stranger , " What would you want to talk about ? "

"Oh, I don't know  , " said the atheist. "How about why there is no God , or no Heaven or Hell , or no life after death ? " as he smiled smugly .

" Okay ," she said . "Those could be interesting topics but let me ask you a question first . A horse , a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass . Yet a deer excretes little pellets , while a cow turns out a flat patty , but a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that is ?"

The atheist, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence , 
thinks about it and says , " Hmmm , I have no idea ." To which 
the little girl replies , " Do you really feel qualified to discuss 
God , Heaven and Hell , or life after death , when you don't know shit ?"

And then she went back to reading her book .

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Two ancient cities under the water

Two ancient cities He Cheng and Shi Cheng in China were drowned in 1959 by a man made lake and were forgotten about until discovered in 2001 by a tourist diving company . The cities remain intact and in good condition . The complete apathy of the government towards preservation of the ancient cities is shocking .
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Women with longest hair in the world

Women with longest hair in the world

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Amazing Food Art

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

glow in the dark paint wall mural !

glow in the dark paint wall mural!

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Really precious memorable photo .

Really precious memorable photo, started by father then finished by son after 29 years.....It's described by son as :

Photo 1: my father at 29 years old and me at 2 weeks .
Photo 2: me at 29 years old and my son at 2 weeks .

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Nice words

Find arms that will hold you at your weakest times, eyes that will see your beauty at your ugliest times, and a heart that will love you at your worst :)

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Mind Blowing Tattoo

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The World’s Largest Emerald

The  Emerald was unearthed in 2001 in Brazil. It weighs 840 pounds and contains roughly 180,000 carats of emerald crystals, making it one of the largest emerald specimens ever found. The Emerald has been appraised at $392 million . If at all accurate, this number represents its value as a unique specimen , and not a market valuation of its emerald crystals , which are not of a high grade .

In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors discovered and overtook the emerald mines in present day Colombia. It took them fifty years , however , to overpower the Muzo Indians who occupied the area and refused to reveal the sources of their mines to the greedy Spanish even under torture . Legends claimed that emeralds had power to cure diseases such as cholera and malaria and to make the wearer quick witted and intelligent . The Spanish became the world's dominant emerald traders . Their emeralds from Colombian mines became popular in Asia and are featured in the crown jewels of Iran .

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A man donated blood 1,000 times

After needing 13 liters  blood for a surgery at the age of 13 , a man named James Harrison pledged to donate blood once he turned 18 . It was discovered that blood contained a rare antigen which cured Rhesus disease . He has donated a blood record 1,000 times and saved 2,000,000 lives .

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One of the best place in the world :)

Liaohe River Delta contains a very unique piece of landscape, the Red Beach . Not far from Panjin City, China lies a beach that during the summer months looks like any other beach . Beautiful waters and a bit of green sea weed .

Than as the seasons change so does the sea weed . The green sea weed that blankets the entire beach turns red like fire in the autumn. Hence the reason it is called the Red Beach . Most of the beach is a nature reserve ; there is however a small portion open to tourists to observe the amazing color and birds that thrive near it .

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Worlds Largest Crocodile

Worlds Largest Crocodile
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5 Benefits of a Fruit breakfast !

Fruit for Breakfast, Five Benefits

1. Between the hours of 7 to 11am the body is doing the heaviest detoxification , so eating fruits , specifically at this time , ensures healing energy is used for detoxification rather than wasted on digesting heavy fatty foods . 

2. Fruit for breakfast is the perfect way to break the overnight fast as it gently wakes the digestive system and metabolism up from a semi slumber , all without the harsh adrenal jolt of a coffee or fatty meal . 

3. Fruit for breakfast promotes nice fluffy fruity floaters , in other words large satisfying bowel movements ! The fruit fiber cleans the colon like a broom , leaving you feeling light, refreshed and ready to go . 

4. If you eat enough fruit for breakfast you will not require a coffee as the natural fruit sugars keep the brain sharp and energised . 

5. People who eat fruit only for breakfast have been shown to be leaner , healthier and more productive during their day .

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Insane 3D tattoos

1) Underneath the puzzle pieces of skin on this person's  body are fish scales ! Is this a statement about evolution , or a statement about hallucinogenic drugs ?
2) Is this tattoo sexy or disturbing ? We think it's a little bit of both . The double zipper is a nice twist , the blackness inside is a bit unsettling .

3) Underneath this girl's body is a clear blue sky with seagulls flying out to freedom . The shadows underneath the birds are a nice touch of detail . 

4) Perhaps a nod to " The Wizard of Oz " , this 3D tattoo shows that instead of a heart , this guy's got a ticking clock . Interesting incorporation of the nipple , guy .

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sad story . Read it Carefully !

This guy reading the newspaper on the subway is Keanu Reeves.

He is from a problematic family. His father was arrested when he was 12 for drug dealing and his mother was a stripper . His family moved to Canada and there he had several step dads .

He watched his girlfriend die . They were about to get married , and she died in a car accident. And also before that she had lost her baby. Since then Keanu avoids serious relationships and having kids .

He's one of the only Hollywood stars without a Mansion . He said : '' I live in a flat , I have everything that I need at anytime , why choose an empty house ? ''

One of his best friends died by overdose, he was River Phoenix ( Joaquin Phoenix's brother ) . Almost in the same year Keanu's father was arrested again .

His younger sister had leukemia. Today she is cured, and he donated 70% of his gains from the movie Matrix to Hospitals that treat leukemia .

In one of his birthdays , he got to a little candy shop and bought him a cake , and started eating alone. If a fan walked by he would talk to them and offer some of the cake .

He doesn't have bodyguards , and he doesn't wear fancy clothes .

When they asked him about '' Sad Keanu '' , he replied :  '' You need to be happy to live, I don't ."

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Two American Conjoined Twins

Ronnie and Donnie Galyon (born October 28, 1951) are two American conjoined twins, who hold the current record for the oldest living conjoined twins .
These two are a real inspirational and makes me think that I should live life to the full because I'm lucky to have what I've got . They seem like really amazing people who just love life despite everything they've missed out on . God bless them .
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Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Door To Hell

The door to hell . 41 years and still burning ,

While drilling in 1971 , Soviet geologists tapped into a cavern filled with natural gas .The ground beneath the drilling rig collapsed , leaving a large hole with a diameter of 70 metres (230 ft) . To avoid poisonous gas discharge , it was decided the best solution was burn it off.Geologists had hoped the fire would use all the fuel in a matter of days  , but the gas is still burning today. Locals have dubbed the cavern "The Door to Hell " .

Crocodile Had Been Shot In The Eye

Deep in the Costa Rican jungle , a fisherman named Chito discovered a crocodile that had been shot in the eye by a cattle farmer and left for dead .

Chito was able to drag the massive reptile into his boat and brought him to his home , where he stayed by his side for months , nursing him back to health .

He named the croc Pocho. I stayed by Pocho’s side while he was ill , sleeping next to him at night . I just wanted him to feel that somebody loved him , that not all humans are bad .” said Chito , “ It meant a lot of sacrifice. I had to be there every day . I love all animals especially ones that have suffered.

The day finally came when Pocho was strong enough to go back into the wild . Chito took him to a lake near his house and released him , but the animal simply got back out of the water and followed him home .

“ Then I found out that when I called his name he would come over to me . ” says Chito . The fisherman has been hesitant to tell his story, even though 20 years have passed since he first rescued Pocho .

Pocho is roughly 5.18 meters (17 feet) long. He and Chito play , wrestle and hug on a daily basis . That bond , Chito said , took years to forge .

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World Largest Fish

World's Largest Fish :)
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Monday, 8 July 2013

A free school under a metro rail bridge

A boy writes on a blackboard painted onto the wall of a building, at a free school under a metro rail bridge , in New Delhi, India.

The school was founded by Rajesh Kumar Sharma, who was unable to complete his own college education, because of financial difficulties . Every day he takes two hours out to teach children of local laborers , while his brother replaces him at his general store .

Together with an assistant , Laxmi Chandra , Sharma gives lessons to around 45 children daily, having persuaded their families to free them from working to earn money .

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World's Smallest Dog :)

World's smallest dog :)
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A reminder of the amazing spirit of human compassion

A mother (97 years old)  in  China, feeding and taking care of her paralyzed son ( 60 years old ) everyday for more than 19 years . A reminder of the amazing spirit of human compassion and more importantly , motherly love !

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UNDYING LOVE: South Carolina man, 78, wears sandwich board to help wife of 57 yrs in search for life-saving kidney.

Larry Swilling is truly devoted to his wife, Jimmie Sue, they have been married for 57 years he is looking for a kidney to give his 76-year-old wife, the life-saving organ she needs. Larry Swilling and his wife Jimmie Sue have been happily married 57 years. So happily, in fact, that Larry has now come to realize the downside of loving someone so much you can’t live without them. Jimmie Sue needs a kidney donor and no one in the family is a suitable match, so Larry has taken to the streets to try to find one.
“She’s my heart,” he said. Heart has never been an issue for these two.
What’s always been lacking is a kidney. Jimmie Sue was born with only one, and now that one is shot. She needs a transplant but neither her husband, nor anyone tested in her family, is a suitable match. Jimmie Sue is on a donor list, but the wait is about two or three years long and that’s for a kidney from a deceased
donor. Transplant patients who get their kidneys from living donors tend to live longer. Which is why Larry decided to try a completely radical approach to
securing a kidney: asking for it, from total strangers. “I don’t care what people think,” Larry said. He tells his wife, “I’m going to get you a kidney.” Never mind that most people won’t give panhandlers their pocket change, let alone their vital organs. A few months ago, Larry, at 77, has been walking all over his hometown of
Anderson, S.C. and the surrounding towns basically begging for a kidney. And on out on the street, wearing a signboard — “Need kidney 4 wife” — he’s not shy in asking passersby: “I sure could use your kidney.”

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Did you know ?

During pregnancy if mother suffers organ demage , the baby in the womb sends stem to repair the demaged organ.
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This is an image sequence containing 70 lightning shots

This is an image sequence containing 70 lightning shots, taken at Ikaria island during a severe thunderstorm.

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Benefits Of Cucumbers !

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Super Kiss :D

Pictured : Ana Julia Torres kisses Jupiter, a lion who was rescued from a circus 13 years ago , at Villa Lorena shelter , in Cali, Valle del Cauca department , Colombia . Torres , a 52 year-old teacher , founded the Villa Lorena animal shelter 18 years ago. It protects about 600 animals seized from drug traffickers , circuses , animal traffickers or abandoned by their owners .

The 6000 year old kiss found in Hasanlu, Iran

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The black python has been a family pet .

We are friends. 13 year old Bingzhe from Dongguan, Guangdong Province, has been living and sleeping together with a gigantic python ever since he was a baby.
His father said that c for 19 years, Yangcheng Evening News reported.

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The World's Largest 3D Street Painting

The World's Largest 3D Street Painting: British artist Joe Hill drew the world's largest and longest 3D anamorphic street painting in the Canary Wharf district of London

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