Wednesday, 24 April 2013

This is what happen when you leave a bike chained to a tree during 60 years!

It's a mystery that's been growing in the
woods of Washington state for more than a
It's a child's bike, stuck in a tree on Vashon
Island. A few feet off the ground, the rusty
bike is embedded in the massive tree.
But how did it get there? That's a topic of
much debate and local speculation.
"A soldier had left the bike there before
going off to war," said Jack Chambers, a
Vashon Island resident.
"The guy who put it there is still kicking.
He was a little kid 50 years ago. Didn't like
the bike, so he just stuck it in a sapling and
the tree just grew over it," said Mary Kay
Rauna, another resident.
There's even been a book about the bike
in the tree, written by Pulitzer Prize-
winning cartoonist and author Berkeley
Breathed. It's called, Red Ranger Came

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