Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Dog Hero

Dogs are very Loyal Creatures. They
accompany their owners, give them
enjoyment of their presence and at
times even risk their lives for those who
care for them.
Kabang , a family dog from philippines,
saved two children from being hit by a
speedy motorcycle.
Kabang sacrificed herself , blocking the
route of motorcycle. As a result , she
was badly injured, losing a part of her
face and jaw.
Local Vets said that the family could
leave the dog in their hands for
Euthanasia. The family refused and took
care of the injured animal themselves.
After the story spread round the world,
the public donated US $20,000 for
operations that could repair injured
That proves Dogs are humans' best


  1. What a brave dog. A true hero. Please post pictures if any, of surgeries that have been done.to reconstruct the face. What a true blessing this family has to have such a amazing pet.

  2. I believe this dog has unveiled a message of loyalty faith and how precious is a human's life.
    salute you my love

  3. I love you precious Kabang. ♡~+~♡. Please post pictures of the sweet sngel's reconstructed face.

  4. I wish I have that kind of dog...


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