Sunday, 7 April 2013

~Aloe Vera for Skin and Hair Health~

~Aloe Vera for Skin and Hair Health~
Aloe vera has an astringent property that
tightens skin. Drinking the juice can boost
production of and repair elastin and
collagen, slowing the aging of skin. As a
moisturizer, aloe vera removes dead cells
helps the entrance of healthy substances.
The cosmetics industry has
been exploring its potential for reducing
blemishes and lightening
dark spots on the face. Drinking aloe vera
juice can also help psoriasis
sufferers as it reduces itching, and it can be
applied directly to the skin
of psoriasis and acne rosacea patients
causing notable improvement in the
severity of lesions. Containing as many as
75 nutrients, aloe vera juice is a popular
remedy for burns and wounds. Cuts,
bruises and scrapes heal quickly on
application of aloe. Aloe vera juice is also a
useful aid against shingles, providing relief
from itching, and helping to heal the
blisters and sores

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