Thursday, 25 April 2013

Modern Technology! The Kinect Shopping Carts

This smart Kinect enabled shopping cart is a really an amazing creation as you just plan a list and enter it in the cart while starting shopping and here you go enjoy your shopping. All you do is just put the item in your cart, if a wrong item is placed the cart will tell you that this particular item is not included in your shopping list .

Moreover it will follow you itself as you walk and lead its way, the moment you stop it will stop besides you so that if you want to put any item in it you can do it easily. The best part is there is no more need of standing in long rows for checkout. The smart cart itself checks out and all you need is to put your items in your bag. There is no date
mentioned when these things would get to the shopping marts but it would be a great fun to shop with these smart carts.

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