Tuesday, 13 August 2013

10 Best Foods For Weight Loss :

10 Best Foods For Weight Loss :

Pistachios with almond gives a great result in trimming down your belly.These are the one of the best nuts have it as snacks to trim down your belly.They are high in protein,fiber and other essentials which helps to tone up the body .

Fish(salmon,mackerel) :
Salmon and mackerel both are omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are crucial in brain functions and makes you slimmer.If you want to tone up your tummy choose oily fish is a preferable one , because those are high in proteins.Salmon have better source of lean protein,for a better result grill (or) steam with a lemon and serve for a powerful belly flattening meal .

If you are looking to lose water weight in your body dandelion roots will help you,drink dandelion root tea or herbal tea which contain dandelion has ingredient.It will helps your kidneys to flush out excess fluids and sodium.

Tomato is one of our best fat fighting food.Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and helps lose weight.It will reduce the water retention and inflammation in the body.
(reversing leptinresistance).leptin is a protein which helps to control the appetite and metabolism of the body.
Cucumber came from melon family which has similar qualities of slimming properties.It reduces the bloating and water retention.For a powerful tummy flattening lunch make a salad of watercress,cucumber,mint e.t.c.

Peanuts :
Not believe that peanuts will helps to lose weight ? . But it is true having small amount of peanuts between meals could stops you from over eating.Peanuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and fiber.peanuts are good for skin health .

Grape fruit:
Eating grape fruit(half of the fruit) before every meal or take 3 glasses of juice daily will help you to loose weight.(in 12 weeks more than 2 kgs) . It reduces the insulin levels and convert calories into energy .

Artichoke :
Artichokes are rich in fiber and helps to speed up the digestive process and relief from bloating in the abdomen.These recommended in the treatment of digestive disorders.(Irritable bowel syndrome) .

Papaya :
It contains natural occurring enzymes which aid the digestion of protein.It also break down food quickly and helps in flattening your belly .

Brown rice:
If you are looking to lose weight and tone your belly.It contains a high supply of B vitamins,which helps you to burn calories quickly .

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