Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The World's Tallest Teenage Girl " Elisani da Cruz Silva "

The world's tallest teenage is 17-year old Elisani Da Cruz Silva , with height of 2.03 meters .

She wants to be a model . Her boyfriend 22-years Franinaldo Da Silva has height 1.63meters . About your boyfriend she says , " I was attracted by his pers0nality the way he interacts with people and how it applies to me "

   See her pictures below ;)
    Good luck to her !

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  1. Actually, apparently this girl is no longer the tallest on record. She lost that title to a Thai girl named Malee Duangdee who was 6’10”. But then that girl lost the title too a couple years ago to Marvadene Anderson, who is 6’11.5”.


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