Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Do you own a cat ?

Since as far back as I can remember , I have had a cat (or two) in my life. As Puff and Ching Ming got older and the real possibility of them leaving the world soon approached I knew that I would want need to get another cat . I just can’t imagine life without one .

I am thankful that we got Ariel " our newly adopted cat " when we did since it wasn't long after puff's death that Ching Ming died t0o . While she far from replaces my cats , she does bring me comfort when I am struck with a real sense of missing my long-time cat loves . I can't imagine having to grief without the comfort of another cat .

As it turns out , there are many (surprising) medical benefits from owing a cat . From m0od enhancement to heart health . Benefits , according to future medical there are at least 17 medical benefits fr0m owing a cat and here are 5 that I find especially Interesting :

1) Reduce risk to heart attack : your entire cardiovascular system gets a giant boost fr0m owing a cat specifically you're less likely to have a heart attack if you own a cat .

2) Decreases chances of developing allergies : Seems totally backward , doesn't it ? Studies have shown that children who grownup with a dog and cat in their life fr0m early 0n , are less likely to envelop allergies m0re it u get a dog and a cat .

3) Reduce stress : I kn0w this 0ne hand and when I am feeling stressed out , n0thing calms me faster than a good cat cuddle while they purr . Apparently.  It's a pers0n wide benefits and if you're feeling anxious , depressed or stressed out , a cat may do you a world wide .

4) Longer life: Apparently, owning a cat can also increase your life expectancy. I have a feeling it’s a result of all the other benefits including lowered risk of heart attack and stress.

5) Fewer health visits : likely a result of a cardiovascular benefits of cat ownership overall you're less likely to need the care of a doctor as often when you have a cat .

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