Monday, 10 June 2013

Dog Saved A Newborn Abandoned .

A Little Dog named Pui found a newborn baby in a plastic bag at the roadside garbage. The dog did not ignore the baby and continue his foraging or whatever he was doing at the local dump. Pui is known around town for his wanderings. Instead, Pui took the baby home, carrying the plastic bag in his teeth, according to the Bangkok Post. Once home, Pui began barking. Everybody ignored him, as often happens when dogs bark. So Pui continued his barking. Finally girl age 12, came out to the patio to see what all the fuss was about.

The girl rushed to get her parents, who rushed the baby to the hospital , where she was given oxygen and treated

As for Pui, he's been duly feted. The district's Red Cross chapter issued Pui a medal and a new leather collar. It also presented him with a certificate praising Pui's "well-raised"  and "courageous" manner. And the Miracle of Life Foundation in the district gave the family money to help feed their three dogs.

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