Tuesday, 19 March 2013

World richest persons around the globe

Recently the Forbes magazine of USA
published the list of world richest
persons. The forbe list of 2013 include
the names of 1426 billionaires and with
the aggregate net worth from around
5.4$ trillions to 4.6$ trillions. This year
210 new  fortunes made the list but like
the past years USA dominated the list
with 442 billionaires , second place
gained by Asia Pacific with 386, followed
by Europe with 366, the Americas with
129 and Middle East and Africa with
Carlos slim tops the list with 73$ billion
by leaving the Bill gates behind at
second place.  Amanci0 Ortega the
owner of zara Spanish brand move up to
the third place for the first time by
replacing great investor  the Warren
Buffet who falls down to fourth spot in
the list . Amancio was also the biggest
gainer in the list with an increase worth
of 19.5$ billion in one year. The biggest
loser was Eike Batista from Brazil whose
worth dropped by 19.5$ in one year
around 50$ million a day. He fell from
position 7 to 100.
many new names also made the list like
Diesel Jeans  mogul  Renzo Rosso at $3
billion, retailer  Bruece Nordstrom at
$1.2 billion and designer Tory Burch at
$1 billion.

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