Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sony Ericsson LiveView Watch

Get live texts, Tweets & Facebook™
Tony tattled on Twitter™. Sarah updated
her Facebook™ status. Get instant
notifications. And stay updated 24/7.
With LiveView™. A wearable, wireless
Android watch.
Control your music
Wanna rock? Tap play and start
headbanging. Feel like escaping to the
Caribbean? Skip tracks and chill out with
some reggae. Go ahead. And control your
music with LiveView™. An Android phone
remote that can be worn as a clip or
Make this micro display yours with
Download any compatible application
from Android Market™ and customise
your LiveView™ to make it exclusively
Connect and enjoy
When you connect your headset to your
smartphone, you get an optimised
listening experience, in seconds. Your
music player opens, the volume is set the
way you like it and your favourite music is
ready to play. Smart Connect makes it
Seamless lifestyle
Each device you connect to your
smartphone promises a new experience.
For every type of connected device, there
is a new experience configured for you.
The experience is instant.
Experience app
Smart Connect is an application in your
smartphone that lets you decide what
happens when you connect your
smartphone to another device. You can
choose between single and multiple
Technical Details
Social Network Controls FaceBook
Updates Twitter Updates
Call ControlS Incoming Calls (inc
CallerID) Ringer Mute
Music Control Play/Pause Next/
Previous Track Volume Track Name
Compatibility Android 2.1 and higher
Android Market Place Access

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