Tuesday, 19 March 2013


For the first time in Sri Lanka an artificial
leg had been given to a small baby
elephant. This baby elephant was
loitering in the jungle area of Ampara
when he had unfortunately trampled a
landmine placed by the LTTE and had
injured the left backmost leg very
seriously. Veterinary surgeons that
operated on this baby elephant could
not save the leg.
More Detail about baby Elephant
The baby elephant had been living with
difficulty due to the inability to move or
stand straight the baby elephant had
been thus severely handicapped.
However when this matter was known
to internationally renowned ‘Avas’
centre who are specialists in the
manufacture of artificial limbs, the ‘Avas’
centre had donated an artificial leg to
the baby and also had assisted in the
operation in fixing the leg. It was due to
the donation of this artificial leg and
assistance rendered during the
operation the baby elephant got this
relief. This baby elephant now can walk
with all of its legs.

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