Saturday, 9 November 2013


Donate A Car ?
Do you have a used vehicle you've been wanting to donate ? Car donations made to Charity Cars can help provide a disadvantaged family with the transportation they need to complete their daily tasks . If you don't have a car to donate , you can donate real estate , boats , trucks and vans to Charity Cars .
* Why Your Donation Helps ?
Charity Cars collects used vehicles that people choose to donate . Car donations benefit many people across the United States . Charity Cars has a variety of families who have received a vehicle , such as domestic violence victims , natural disaster victims , the medically needy , families transitioning from public assistance to work or living in transitional living shelters , the working poor, military families and other non-profit organizations. Due to many different circumstances , these familes can not afford their own transportation . Without a vehicle of their own , they are unable to get to work, go to the store for groceries or complete other daily errands . Your donation of a used vehicle can help give these disadvantaged families the jump start they need to get back to a normal , more fulfilling lifestyle .

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