Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lady Finger An Easy Cure For Diabetes !

How Raw Lady Finger Can Help in curing Diabetes ?

Low G.I Food :
the word G.I stands for Glycemic index . The person who is suffering from diabetes should take diet enriched in Glycemic index. Approximately 20 G.I is present in okra . That is very low. Diabetic patients can easily use Okra recipes as their meal to fill their stomach and also control their diabetic level .

Fight Kidney Diseases :
lady finger is also good to prevent your body from different kidney diseases . It is considered that high sugar level effect your both kidneys badly . So by taking okra daily will prevent your kidneys . Have an moderate amount of okra daily if you are a diabetic person .

Soluble Fibers :
Soluble fibers are very important to keep your kidneys healthy . They play their role in digestion of carbohydrates . Lady finger is enriched with soluble fibers . It slow down the digestion process and hence lower the sugar level in blood. These are some of the main reasons for you to select lady finger as a diet to control diabetes .

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