Monday, 29 October 2012

Beautiful and Amazing

Underground Nest House

Built at the foot of a mountain in Onomichi City, the Nest House really pushes the boundaries and definitely goes outside the box as far as design goes. Japanese firm UID Architects were inspired by the idea of a nest that animals create underground and reinterpreted it into this highly unusual house.

It looks like a rectangular box with tons of windows from the outside. Little do outsiders know what’s on the inside…

The upper level acts as a wooden lined nest that the homeowner’s can use to enjoy the sky views and surrounding landscape. The craziest part is that the kitchen’s (in the photo above) countertops are at floor level for the nest area.

It totally feels like a treehouse, doesn’t it?

The entrance is located on the ground floor and you must walk through the indoor garden where the plants and trees can sprout up through the ceiling opening.

I love the little forest inside the house!

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